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Available in 2-3 business days (NO SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY ORDERS)
This menu is available for
LOCAL DELIVERY & store pickup PREORDERS only (we DO NOT stock ALL of these flavors at our OTR location every weekend).

Local Delivery:  Wednesday - Saturday (12p-2p, 5p-8p)
Store Pickup:  Fridays & Saturdays, 2p-10p


Are you planning to surprise someone with local delivery?

We ask that you please notify the recipient so that someone can be present at the time of delivery----especially if the delivery location is an apartment building or residence hall that is not accessible to the general public.  

signature chocolate chip (all-natural signature dough + chocolate chips)

reese's chocolate chip(signature chocolate chip + Reese's peanut butter chips)
oreo chocolate chip (signature chocolate chip + Oreos)
pecan chocolate chip(signature chocolate chip + pecans)
dark chocolate espresso (all-natural signature dough + dark chocolate chips + espresso chips + topped w/sea salt)
white chocolate macadamia(all-natural signature dough + white chips + macadamia nuts)
m+m chocolate chip (signatue chocolate chip + plain M+M's)
red velvet (red velvet dough + chocolate chips + white chips)
signature oatmeal raisin (all-natural oatmeal dough + raisins)
oatmeal espresso (signature oatmeal dough + dark chocolate + expresso chips + topped w/sea salt)
oatmeal chocolate chunk  (signature oatmeal dough + chocolate chunks + topped w/sea salt)
oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chunk (all-natural oatmeal cookie + peanut butter chips + chocolate chunks + sea salt)
signature sugar (all-natural signature sugar dough rolled in sugar)
birthday (signature sugar cookie + rainbow sprinkles)
sweater weather (signature dough + butterscotch chips + cinnamon chips, rolled in cinnamon sugar)

cinnadoodle (our version of the classic snickerdoodle, cinnamon sugar dough rolled in cinnamon sugar)



TOPPED (We DO NOT ship deluxe cookies with toppings!)
nutella s'mores*(signature chocolate chip + Nutella + toasted marshmallow + grahams)
red velvet nutella s'mores(red velvet cookie + Nutella + toasted marshmallow + grahams)
it's ya birthday (birthday cookie + vanilla buttercream + rainbow sprinkles)
cinnamunch (cinnadoodle cookie + vanilla buttercream + Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
iced chocolate chip (signature chocolate chip + vanilla buttercream + rainbow sprinkles)
deluxe fruity pebbles (fruity pebble cookie + vanilla buttercream + more fruity pebbles)
birthday trix (birthday cookie + vanilla buttercream + Trix cereal)
iced lemon blueberry (lemon sugar cookie + fresh blueberries + vanilla buttercream)
chocolate pretzel (signature chocolate chip + chocolate covered pretzels + topped w/sea salt)

nutella stuffed chocolate chip (signature chocolate chip stuffed with Nutella)
chocolate biscoff (chocolate dough + stuffed with Biscoff cookie butter)

lotus (signature dough + crushed Biscoff cookies + stuffed with Biscoff cookie butter)
pecan turtle(signature chocolate chip + pecans + stuffed with caramel pecan turtle)
walnut brookie cookie(signature chocolate chip + walnuts + stuffed with brownie)
brookie cookie (signature chocolate chip stuffed with brownie)
red velvet oreo (red velvet + crushed Oreos + stuffed with double-stuffed Oreo)
peanut butter jelly time*(signature dough + crushed peanuts + stuffed with peanut butter & strawberry jam)
strawberry popstar (sugar dough + strawberry jam + topped with vanilla glaze + rainbow sprinkles)


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